Wednesday Night Melody at Mojo’s with Bleached, Kitchen People and HUSSY

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Last night was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time! It started off ordinary…a friend late for public transport, – an unusual occurrence due to the situation normally being in reverse - a train caught into Freo, a sighting of an ex and Old Shanghai with old friends. Nothing peculiar, nothing too noteworthy. Just an average start to a night out.

It was when we trekking it to the local bottle shop - my friend to my right discussing whether he could buy a drink with $2 – I realised that amongst what I would call an ordinary night were sparks of something special, moments I’ll treasure (and heck I’m getting soppy as I get older).

We arrived at Mojo’s a little worse for wear, semi-inebriated but still ecstatic for the bunch of cool bands we were about to see. We made mad dashes to the toilet, read the writing on the stalls to each other and laughed about how long it took us to get to the venue…we hadn’t even realised we’d walked for a solid hour!

Walking back inside, the final moments of Hussy’s set greeted us. Powerful and intimidating, Hussy are a force to be reckoned with onstage, as they kicked on to the final songs of their set list. I’m constantly awestruck by Marcia and Blair, commanding their space in their own ways. Marcia with her power stance, bass in hand and piercing eyes, and Blair to the right of her nimbly moving around the stage, tossing her hair as she changed chords. This band seems to have appeared on the scene out of nowhere but they’ve been a pleasure to watch always.

Next to take to the Mojo’s stage was Kitchen People, whilst the group are an easy-going bunch of dudes who take bass, synth and guitar faces to a whole other level, I couldn’t help feeling a tad disappointed with what felt like an interruption to the amazing bunch of kickass ladies killing it or about to kill it on stage. Nonetheless Kitchen People showed why Perth loves them and their various off shoot bands. Delivering a set that showed brief influences of iconic band, The Clash, the guys offered up an invigorating set to contort your body to. Sloppy in a chorus or two with a seemingly rushed finish, Kitchen People’s Bad Mates tune, however, still pulled in the masses from the courtyard for a dance.

Of course what is a night out without some form of discomfort? In my group’s case, a rude dude who thought it would be such a laugh to make obscene gestures at us and try to grab us inappropriately. It makes my blood boil when that kind of crap happens. Here you are at a very female centric gig yet time and time again toxic masculinity still finds a way to weasel into what you deem to be a safe space. To tell you the truth, it fucking sucks.

Dear rude dudes, you can’t do that…case in point that’s why you get kicked out. Don’t mess with your local girl gang, or your local venues for that matter.

When L.A band Bleached came on stage, it was such a breath of fresh air and alas they began with a tune that rung true in the moment. As Keep on Keepin’ On blasted through their guitar amps, I was hit with awe-struck wonderment and it pretty much continued for the rest of their set. I think that’s why groups like Bleached, Hussy and female central gigs, promoted by people like the Recycled Rainbow gals are so important. Last night was one of the first times in a long time that I was inspired as a female to get out there and keep kicking butt. It’s important we remind ourselves and other gals to do that, to keep showing people what we can do.

The Clavin sisters kept up the banter for most of their set in between seamless transitions. Jennifer Clavin at one point making comment on the fact that technically they were ‘in the future’ because Perth is 14 hours ahead of their hometown.

“I think we found out it’s 6am yesterday right now for us,” Jennifer laughed before launching into Sleepwalking.

As the crowd danced to Bleached’ mix of tunes from albums, Welcome the Worms and Ride Your Heart, Wednesday Night Melody became a clear favourite as the Clavin sisters and bassist, Micayla Grace rocked the stage with the nostalgic tune. Ending with Sour Candy and Dead in Your Head, Bleached sure showed they knew how to end a show as Jennifer and drummer Nick Pillot swapped places whilst Jessica Clavin smashed out a sweet solo atop the feedback amps.

What a time.