Castaway 2016: Beats, beers and best mates

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Let me set the scene…

It was a warm summer’s day and the ocean breeze was drifting through the crowd around the Rottnest Hotel-turned-party central. Welcomed to a landscape dotted with macramé tops, five panel caps and a beautiful beachfront view, some friends and I decided to start our morning at The Lane, chowing down on hot dogs to prepare for the day.

Time Pilot were midway through their set by the time we got through the gates and everyone had wasted no time in getting their drink on. Reworking TLC's No Scrubs, the Time Pilot guys found their zone with injections of peppy retro-pop remixes. Happy-go-lucky punters danced and mingled amongst the flow of beers.

At one point a seagull strutted across the bar roof and I remember laughing at the amount of sass he held in his stride…maybe he enjoyed the rendition of Big Sean’s I Don’t Fuck With You as much as I did.

The atmosphere for the next hour was home to Tina Says as she brought her future bass vibes to an increasingly eager crowd, though Sable was the real stand out for the day. Playing banger after banger with his signature chipmunk vocals and frenetic syrupy beat. Dewhurst’s energy and willingness to pluck tunes from other Aussie acts meant his remix of Japanese Wallpaper’s Between Friends was a definite highlight.

Taking to the stage in his gold-plated mask, Golden Features was the second last act for the day’s festivities. With the reception Stell received he could have been mistaken for headlining and whispers amongst the crowd hinted that I wasn’t the only one impressed with the pulsing beats and smooth transitions echoing throughout Telescope.

As the clock struck five, signalling the pinnacle for Castaway’s line-up. What So Not had the crowd wrapped around his fingers from the get-go with the always mighty, well-known track Gemini featuring George Maple. Employing some classic set savers, Emerson had everyone belting out the chorus to Drake’s Hotline Bling before being presented with a birthday cake to make up for celebrations he missed out on last Wednesday (his actual birthday) due to being in transit.

Throwing the cake into the crowd after getting the go ahead was a good way to end a solid day of sun, sand and sound.  The Rottnest almost-sunburn was well worth it.

Yours sincerely,

Jas (who is now at least 3 shades darker than before)