So Far, So Alien Youth - Moana EP Launch

Words: Cain Munns

What fitter place for a musical feast than down below the street on a hallowed eve?


Genre: Experimental Fringepop / Electrofolk / Freakfolk

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

Joni literally haunted the joint. The violent bride out for a bloodbath bared her soul via ethereal vocals which drew the listener in to hear the spells she wove.

Joined by Tara Johns on keys and vocal harmonies, the spooky looking duo’s music chilled the bones of the adoring crowd of Addams family rejects and otherworldly punters. Ambient tones, dynamic crescendos and emotionally driven stories of liars, sooky babies and crawling out of the blue.

Check out Woman On Fire from her 2014 debut album, Sorrow Trees


Genre: Garage / Shoegaze / Dream Noise Pop

Loud and thumping floor tom heavy beats surrounded HYLA’s 90s’ grunge era vocals. It was hard to hear the words clearly over the reverberating violent sludge of guitars but possibly that’s the point. These guys hit it hard, evoking some of the strangest dances to live heaviness that I’ve ever seen.


Genre: Psychedelic / Grunge / Rock

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

What a bloody band name!

A banging Afro-beat groove became surf rock craziness, joined by echoed vocals which cut through the controlled fury of the instruments. Suddenly it all makes sense.




I was there and there was a Wizard AND Jedi in the band.

The drummer, Danny Caddy was one talented marmalade marcher, hitting each chop and change with finesse, willing the free and keen onto their best dancing foot. Guitar wizard’s powerful control over the effects and tone of his gat made me want to rack his brain about the pedals he keeps (phasers!) and if all the musical secrets are revealed once you wear a pointed cap. Reserved and purposeful basslines allowed the dress begotten front man, Jack McEwan’s vocals to be heard short and sharp. They maintained their gravitational pull over the grooving music lovers for the entire set and made it clear that they’re creatures who are mastering their instruments. I want to know: where to next for Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and how do I come along for the ride?

Suddenly a vaudevillian figure creeps onstage and began a dramatic monologue forewarning of the monstrous musical odyssey we were about to witness.


Genre: Art-Rock-Gothic-Psychedelic-Ethereal-Grungey-Sleazey-Bluesy-Spooky-Heavy-Stoner-Soul

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

Photos: Kieran MacFarlane

The Trilogy of the Black Monsoon is the name given to Moana’s second EP, recorded by Andy Lawson of Debaser Studios. On the gigs event page they explain they are testing boundaries where multiple art forms collide. In an attempt to break the arduous release cycle often expected from emerging bands, the band split their second EP into three parts, with separate release dates throughout 2015.

On this night the third and final installment of the Black Monsoon was released unto the world. After the introduction by the weird red-suited figure, a video preview of their song Vader started and what a treat it was! Directed by Via Luna Productions the high quality production deserves Rage rotation and beyond. There was no time to spare for credits though as the band’s body was ready and willing to once again bring us the Black Monsoon.

Steady, heavy blues rock, abrasive vocals, absurd loud noise experiments, psychedelic effects, theatrical and jam-derived compositions. Moana Lutton spat her venom onstage along with Javan Gorham, Lochy Hoffman, Beau Jones and a groovy flutist who boogied harder than the jive turkeys down the street in Metropolis. The rapscallion bandits gave room for the freak in Moana to fly over their droning rhythms at rock-steady tempos. Two chord westerns crescendo and transitioned into instrumental and vocal wailings to a tribal beat. Onstage they commanded as queens of the scene, enjoying the devilish freedom which is offered to stellar musicians whilst performing. Offstage they are humble and beautiful Freo folk with crazy ideas about Trilogies and Black Monsoons that just might work.

Want to know more? Buy The Trilogy of the Black Monsoon, or stream the tunes here for free.

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