Jeremy Neale, Methyl Ethel & Ah Trees at Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

With Jeremy Neale’s signature track ‘Let Me Go Out in Style’ from his latest EP release echoing in my ears Saturday night on the drive home, even my Uber driver caught on and started humming along.

Ah Trees, the first band up on stage Saturday evening have been steadily building their repertoire of tracks with their latest singles Easy and Nara embodying their trademark funk elements interwoven with skipping pop production. Performing their set like seasoned professionals despite some guitar mishaps, the six piece band rocked out to the growing atmosphere whilst vocalist, Ryan Adair’s charismatic personality shone through Bodies.

Any line-up that boasts Methyl Ethel is a little gift for mankind. Combining their other worldly aura’s and instrumental soundscapes that swelled amongst the swaying crowd, the band were drawn into their own music on stage. Whilst the lyrics for Rogues drifted over Jake Webb’s ambient guitar riffs, the room seemed to take special notice of the retro vibe the Perth outfit’s reverb soaked tunes honed.

Before long Jeremy Neale, the frontman for Brisbane band Velociraptor and musician in his own right took to the stage amidst excited whoops and cheers. Launching straight into his 2012 single, Darlin’ which plays host to some seriously sassy saxophone, you would have been forgiven for closing your eyes and feeling like you’d transported yourself back a few decades, Back to the Future style. Fast forward three years in discography, Neale served up a tantalising serving of his new EP Let Me Go Out in Style with The News, a catchy number doting on a heartfelt experience that shared plenty of emotional facial expressions.

Dancing was a plenty throughout the Brisbanite’s set but The Love Calling had the remaining crowd on their feet before the band were even a minute into the song. With its 80’s synth and languid bass lines playing underneath Neale’s compelling voice, the song channelled a retro Simple Mind’s track progression. 

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