Bri Clark ‘Shiver’ Launch at The Boston

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Friday night was a pretty moody one, the rain wouldn’t stop and rushing to a gig through puddles without your favourite docs is a feat you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Alas my journey to The Boston was the scene I have depicted but the set I had the privilege of seeing when I walked in the doors made it all worth it.

After a glimpse at the unveiling of Bri Clark’s latest music video for her new track Shiver, the wordsmith in me was a little lost for words honestly…as the singer had mentioned in a previous interview “I’m just pretty much without clothes and being covered in black paint,” I want to commend Clark on the distinct brave persona she wields and the fact she didn’t give herself enough credit. Whilst our society seems to look at the naked form as either ‘sexy’ or ‘repulsive’, it seemed somewhere along the line we missed out on the vulnerability that comes with it. Bri Clark communicated this vulnerability within her music video as her voice captured patrons and propelled them headfirst into a wave of emotions. The live set was no different.

Backed by a band that supported her every note, Clark showed punters what she was all about. Every song had meaning and her humble demeanour accompanying track explanations meant the connection she formed with The Boston audience had them feeling every inclination in her voice. Showcasing Assertion, the Perth singer/songwriter wove her powerful voice of soul amongst the reverberating guitar and punchy drums.

The thing I love about Bri is her overwhelming honesty both on stage and off, whether it be in her crowd interaction or the way she just lets it all go in her music. With Clark explaining her song Holding On, my mind drifted to my own experiences that I could relate to her lyrics and that’s when it occurred to me. One defining feature I’ve always respected in artists is their ability to allow you to identify with what they create and Bri Clark offered us that for every song Friday evening.

Changing up the tone of songs being performed to the Shiver launch crowd, came Never Far Enough, one of Clark’s more electronically influenced pieces. Yielding lyrics of empowerment, Bri had everyone beaming at just how talented she was when she hit the high notes, running along the keys with a direct intensity.

Ending her set on a slower song titled Twin Stars, Clarke’s inspiration behind the track was a striking metaphor as she explained binary stars that exist within the solar system, orbiting each other but never getting close enough to do any damage. She let us conclude the meaning.

As the general crowd cleared out, Melbourne musician Connor Ross closed up the night whilst punters finished their drinks. With his complex lyrics lost at times amongst the ambitious effects of his looping, the guitarist displayed a distinct creativity with his compositions. We’ll be excited to hear more!