5 Local Acts You Need to See at Disconnect

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Disconnect Festival is something we’ve all been waiting for…and the wait is almost over! Welcoming you with open arms the festival is “an experience for the body, mind, spirit and soul.” Showcasing an array of comedy, art and local produce, it’s the all Australian line-up that’s really got everyone one the edge of their seats so we’ve compiled a list of 5 local acts you can’t miss out on.

Grrl Pal


Talent comes in many forms and this dream pop duo have got oodles of it. With their latest track Suggest doing its rounds at the moment, serving up an addictive energy and lush beats, the duo are not ones to miss!

Joni in the Moon

Photo: Kieran MacFarlane

Performing on stage with Coin Banks at Rottofest this year, Joni wowed the crowd with her pure talent. Let her experimental, heartfelt pop fuel your Disconnect festival days because a live rendition of Woman on Fire is something you’ve got to experience at least once. It’s electric.


Masterminded by Elise Higgens, Fait takes the cake when it comes to atmospheric soundscapes. Her pure talent on guitar will either cut you up or have you grappling for a CD. Songs like Halcyon overwhelm you, it’s like listening to a very emotional movie score.

Angus Dawson

Angus Dawson is another artist that kind of penetrates your soul. Last month he came out with Listen, a gentle track wielding Dawson’s discontented vocals against a bed of laid back guitar simmering underneath the surface.

Tired Lion


Certified rockers, Tired Lion, always bring down the house during live sets. Led by enigmatic frontwoman, Sophie Hopes, the band kick ass in Suck with their soaring riffs and taunting vocals. If you missed out on Tired Lion's Figurine EP launch, you definitely want to catch these guys at Disconnect. 

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