San Cisco, Major Leagues – ARTBAR

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

With the arts and music scene constantly blossoming within Perth, it’s incredibly pleasing to see the Art Gallery of Western Australia getting behind it all with their ARTBAR series. Featuring acts; The Preatures and Guy Pearce in previous months, the AGWA crew have shown what a cross amongst creative industries can do for the metro community.  

Last Thursday, San Cisco took to the Perth Cultural Centre outdoor stage performing in front of hundreds of adoring Perth fans. Supported by lo fi Brisbane outfit, Major Leagues, the crowd seemed content to just sit and drink around the outdoor amphitheatre whilst Feels, a track from the indie rockers’ 2013 EP Weird Season played up to the nostalgic vibes their sound emitted.

With San Cisco crammed onto a stage that has seen many local bands play some blissful tunes, front man Jordi Davieson encouraged the crowd to get up from their seats.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen so many people sitting down at one of our gigs!
— Jordi Davieson

Coming on strong with Golden Revolver, their well-known 2011 track, San Cisco had the crowd wrapped around their finger as patrons echoed back Davieson’s ‘oohs’. Followed on by a seriously funked up version of About You off their latest album Gracetown, every pulse of the drums was felt in our toes as we tapped our feet and jived amongst the flow of music.

Next up was Awkward, our favourite light hearted approach to an increasingly common habit of digital stalking and some uber creepy occurrences. Fun fact! According to Scarlett Stevens, San Cisco’s Perth gig marked the four year anniversary since Awkward was released.

After covering their bases, the Perth band launched into a few more recent tracks from Gracetown to finish off their tour of the same name. Cruisy tunes ensued with Wash It All Away and Jealousy capturing the crowd’s attention as the indie pop masters looked at home upon the swamp stage whilst stunning projector visuals surrounded the conjoined building walls with pops of colour.

With many on stage laughs to be had, it all seemed to be over too soon when San Cisco departed the stage after their live rendition of Gracetown’s lead track RUN. Post-set shouts for an encore resulted in no appearance with fans beginning to doubt whether the band would return. Sauntering on stage a lone Jordi appeared, guitar in hand to perform Skool, a loved up song from their high school days. Setting the scene for the content atmosphere enveloping the Cultural Centre, two men jumped into what lead singer Davieson dubbed ‘the moat’, profusely apologising yet at the same time encouraging others to join. As intermittent gaggles of girls and guys followed suit, San Cisco ended on Fred Astaire, a track I know many in the crowd were eager to get their groove on to.