Southwest Western Australia

Words & Photos: Grace Huck

I head to the airport to pick up Julian. He’s a tall, quiet German who I met in Denmark. The drive from the airport is embarrassing. “This is really Australia, isn’t it?” he jokes, looking out the window at the acid rusted sculptures and newly planted grass trees. It’s alright though; in the morning we’re heading down to Fitzgerald National Park, then along the coast back to Perth.

“Every plant is different” says Julian. “I think you’d have to cross the whole of Germany to find this many types of plant”. We hike and snorkel. There are snakes, dolphins and one very curious octopus. One morning we wake up to a mother kangaroo and her joey grazing in the sand dunes. The Southwest is ecologically rich, far richer than most people realise, but not nearly protected enough. I started photographing the landscape with the idea that it would make it easy for other people to see the natural world. Perhaps it will connect people to Australia’s landscape in a way that motivates them to help protect it.