Skin & Mortality [Photo Series]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Skin & Mortality is a current project, Perth photographer Mark Piasecki (North Hold Photography) has undertaken in the acknowledgement of old scars, making us aware of our current and continued fragility. “Skin & Mortality is about reminding ourselves that the human body is incredibly fragile. The project is designed to make the viewer reflect on their own bodies and that, in our adult lives we rarely get cuts and bruises the same way children do, because of that we often neglect the wellbeing that we are fortunate enough to have,” said Piasecki. “By being confronted with injuries that have caused, in some cases, severe damage to the person the viewer cannot help but compare those scars to their own bodies.”

With this series of documented scars came equally important stories. “They range from stretch to heart surgery and learning the stories behind each scar solidified the impact they had on me.” Coming away from these shoots himself with a sense of gratitude due to not being involved in any body altering events, Piasecki struck the realisation that the human body is indeed resilient. We push our bodies to the limit every day but they just keep giving. One important aspect the portrait photographer looks for in his shots is a sense of self, “I want my portraits to present the models nobility and pride, no matter the story behind a photo, the pride of a person can always be shown in a photograph.”

Continuing the Skin & Mortality project, Mark Piasecki endeavours to collect more photographs of scarring and exhibit them in a large photo series.

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