Ships in the Night Insights - with Hugh Manning

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

The 13th edition of Ships in the Night is a little bit special to me, taking place at Paper Mountain - my favourite creative co-working space - and featuring artists/writers and musicians I well and truly admire, I'm thoroughly appreciative of the outlet and intimate context Ships in the Night provides for its audience and performers alike.

Running high off the positivity their Fringe World show, Ships in the Grr received. Tonight's line-up includes Tristan Fidler, Laurie Steed, Axel Carrington, Elizabeth Lewis, Hugh Manning and Ciocia Ola with music provided by New Nausea, the solo project of Albert Pritchard and Golden String

We caught up with Shit Narnia frontman and one of tonight's performers, Hugh Manning to take 5. 

So you used to read spoken word poetry prior to forming Shit Narnia, what's been the biggest difference between writing poetry for a reading as opposed to writing poetry to form lyrics to a song?

I guess maybe I’m finding that the stuff I wrote for reading way back then has more kind of independent identity in its flow and metre and stuff. I’m finding with preparing some of my newer stuff for this reading that there’s a lot I still need to work out about its rhythms when it’s removed from its usual accompanying music. Also songs can afford to be a lot shittier and obvious than poems can.

Shit Narnia's lyrics are convoluted in their commentary but come across very strongly no matter what surrounds they're in, do you try to achieve shock value when you write?

I mean you want people to pay attention right? And shock value is a cheap trick but it works. Plus I’m a child and I still think swearing and gross jokes are cool.

What influences your spoken word poetry?

Sad post-hardcore and spoken word music...The Mountain Goats, Frenzal Rhomb.

What does Ships in the Night mean to you?

It’s a good thing run by good people. Also the phrase is used in this really good Ted Danson With Wolves song I just listened to.  

Tell us about the vibes we can expect from your set!

Lots of feelings, heavy sweating.