New Kid On The Block: Bleeding Gums Murphy

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Whilst sitcom parents complain their children need to get off their arses, the reality for our generation is indeed very different. Sometimes it seems our parents wish we would slow down. With that said we probably wouldn't have it any other way as our generation continue to persevere with the constant flux of ideas dipping in and out of our head. One guy who's experienced this to a very relatable degree is Julian Neuweiler, the brains behind Bleeding Gums Murphy.

I started Bleeding Gums Murphy as a zine series back in 2014, mainly out of boredom...I always wanted to turn it into a clothing label. After the release of Bleeding Gums Murphy Volume 4 (the fourth issue) I thought there were some good designs in there that would look good on shirts.
— Julian Neuweiler

And thus came the shirts you see before you!

Drawing inspiration from pop culture and alternative aesthetic choices, Neuweiler and his other Perth counterparts in the industry are redefining street wear on a larger than local radius. 

MF DOOM, his style of music and the way he portrays himself is a big influence on my work stylistically. I also reference some of my favorite tv shows in my designs slightly like The Simpsons and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
— Julian Neuweiler

With the Bleeding Gums Murphy site going live yesterday and the current line already disappearing faster than you can say smokey bones, we suggest you click the button below and head over to check out 'Drop One'