Ships in the Grr Insights

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

We had a sneaky chat with Melbourne creative and fellow human, Stuart Bowden to talk yurts, intimate performances and show clashes ahead of his performance for Ships in the Grr.

Jasmine: So Stuart, you’ve had a long history with Fringe World with shows Before Us and She Was Probably Not A Robot. What has your favourite moment at Fringe been so far?

Stuart: Well, apart from seeing some amazing shows my favourite times have been those beautiful days of sunshine, beaches and good people that Perth provides plentifully.

You’ve been described in the media as ‘at the top of your game’, has there ever been a low point in your writing and theatrical career where you thought about calling it quits?

Yeah, I think most artists struggle with that thought, but I can't really stop making things. I sometimes think that I might have a rest from creating solo shows because after a while I crave collaboration. I've been pretty lucky throughout my career though, I've had a nice balance of projects with others artists and solo work. Working on your own makes you crave new ideas and ways of working and working with others makes you crave complete control and both propel each other.

Now you’re performing in Ships in the Grr as part of the Grr Nights program at The Blue Room Theatre. What drew you to this show in particular? Ships in the Night has done a wonderful job of supporting writers both locally and beyond.

I first heard about Ships In The Night before last year’s fringe but unfortunately my show time clashed, but this year it works perfectly. I also love the idea of performing in a yurt, I think that really excited me, this handmade intricacy and intimacy really captures my imagination.

How has the schedule gone in terms of making sure there’s enough time for rehearsal of your solo Fringe project Wilting in Reverse and preparing your piece for Ships in the Grr?

Fortunately I have my daytimes pretty much free (apart from important trips to the beach). So it means I can carefully work on Wilting In Reverse and spare time for preparing for Ships in the Grr.

What can audiences expect from your segment of Ships in the Grr? You’re no stranger to performing with live music so what about this show will be different for you?

I'm really looking forward to creating a totally intimate and inclusive experience, a story that could not be told without the audience there caring for it.

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