Fringe Picks: Grr Nights – Sound Bytes of Passage

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

With the heat wave smudging its existence into Fringe performer’s make-up I have to admit I was a little apprehensive to buckle down in a yurt with about 20 other people for half an hour but you know what? I’m glad I did.

As the aircon sent in a nice breeze, the audience were welcomed to the tunes of the Menagerie Indie Pop Choir, surrounding us with their sweet sounding voices and putting a spin on old classics from Stevie Wonder to Silverchair. Scattered amongst Grr were several volunteers to play tape decks of choir members revelling in the past, speaking of advice they would give their younger self and reflecting back on the awkward moments life seemed to endlessly offer growing up.

With the yurt being a family friendly atmosphere for even the youngest of Fringe goers, I truly hope the restless tykes tuned into the words uttered last night around the makeshift room as even my uni student self found some parting pieces of wisdom. The real icing on the cake however was the finale to the show.

Bringing back some serious nostalgia, Menagerie belted out Teenage Dirtbag as their final tune before encouraging the audience to join in, and join in we did…mostly in tune. You could hear the shuffle of feet as the choir members moved around the yurt encasing it with their voices before shedding Grr’s shell to incorporate a sort of wow factor into the sudden proximity of their performance.

Intimate and full of wonderment, I can imagine each and every show for Grr Nights will hold the same magic factor.

Heatwave or no heatwave the arts will prevail!

Take a squiz at the Grr Nights page to see what’s next on the program.