Fringe Picks: Rory Lowe's 'Instagrams 2 Grammys'

Photo: Matsu Photography

Photo: Matsu Photography

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I plodded my way up the stairs of the Sail and Anchor, Friday night to see Rory Lowe’s latest comedy show, Instagrams 2 Grammys. With the room already quite packed we were excited to see what the show would bring considering the massive amounts of praise he’s been receiving from the public, performing with the likes of Matt Okine (triple j) and Pete Rowsthorn (Kath & Kim).

Boy did he deliver!

Opening the show for Lowe was funny man, Chris Franklin, bringing some hilariously blunt stories to the stage and telling them with a true Aussie larrikin attitude. You couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculously believable his tales were.

By the time Rory Lowe’s set rolled around everyone had experienced a belly full of laughs but drank up and prepared for some more. Lowe opened with a brilliant retelling of his first thoughts after moving to Australia and his extreme dislike for the Fremantle Hungry Jacks. “I went in last night ordered a large Whopper with a side of Fries and a large frozen meth. It was heinous. My burger was wrapped in a Centrelink form,” he then continued on to explain how every time he goes into Hungry Jacks he becomes a witness.  Indeed sometimes it feels that way.

After an extremely detailed description of his latest sexual encounters you could feel the audience identifying with the comedian and his plethora of hilarious experiences. If you didn’t shed at least one tear from laughing too much you’d be dubbed an extra-terrestrial.

You can catch Rory Lowe’s last Freo show at The Sail and Anchor tonight or at the Astor Lounge, Feb 4th and 5th.