Premiere: Anhedonia – Teen Angst

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Making an imprint in Perth’s lo-fi scene as of late with her catchy, reverb drenched tunes, Teen Angst aka Michelle Yeong welcomes us once again into her bedroom recording set-up with Anhedonia.

The 7-track EP surfaces amongst a fascination with adolescent angst and unrequited love, something we’re all probably familiar with. Heck! At what point are you meant to stop experiencing these things because I sure haven’t.

 “I came across the term ‘Anhedonia’ whilst studying for an exam…it represents the feeling of being unable to have a good time,” said Yeong.

Lead track, Fries shows a distinct improvement amongst Yeong’s harmonies with the guitar lick featured, skipping along quite nicely to an accompanying tambourine. We’re just sad the song didn’t last a little longer, though short and sweet is a phrase we’ve come to associate with Teen Angst tunes.

Whilst tracks Eternal Sunshine, Late Night and Bookshop Boy remind me of an earlier Angst with their distant vocal fades and slow rhythmic amble, the last track on Anhedonia presents a much more confident Teen Angst with Make You Mine; a definite favourite from Yeong’s first gig at Rosemount Hotel supporting Braves.

Listen to Anhedonia here:

Teen Angst performs her next set at The Ink Grid’s Print Launch #2 at The Bird, August 17.