Premiere: Shit Narnia's Self-Titled EP

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Surfacing from the depths of Fremantle’s sunny somewhat windy town of laidback locals and socially aware circles comes Shit Narnia. Bouncing through Perth’s music scene since 2013, the self-ascribed post-hardcore outfit are now ready to offer up their second EP, a self-titled compilation of four tracks written about a year and a half ago…some you’ve probably heard at a gig or two, some you’ll be immersed into for the first time.

Influenced by the likes of Slint, American Football and Wire and Iceage, we had a chat to Hugh Manning – Shit Narnia’s front-man – to chat about the new EP and their upcoming Eastern states tour.

“Everything we’ve ever made owes tremendous debts to Mclusky and La Dispute because they were the bands that we were looking to when we started playing together and I think those influences are still pretty strong” said Manning.

Slewing through an intro that echoes sentiment and restraint, Dogwedding begins with the faint clipping of drummer, Albert Pritchard’s sticks are a sound you can’t help but appreciate as Sam Atkin’s running riffs drip ardour into your ears. Ever the consistent poet, Manning joins the talented line of sound emittance with a passion that seems too palpable to mention. You’ll notice it at Snarnz’ shows and you’ll notice it in this tune.

Castration Fantasy #32 welcomes you into the world of self-castration with the resonated lyric ‘24 hours ago, I wanna be castrated’ and just like Shrek’s world of onion metaphors, damn this track has layers upon layers. Musically sound, there’s something about it being sung live that just oozes rebellion and dissatisfaction with youth and youth culture.

Identifying as a switched on bunch of humans, Shit Narnia’s songs place depth and meaning into the simplest of nouns. Interested to hear about what’s really pissing them off in W.A at the moment, I posed the question to Manning.

“The updates from the inquest into the death of Ms. Dhu are horrifying – I don’t know if peeved is the right word but deaths in custody are fucked, police brutality is fucked. We’re also in a state of low-key rage because a friend of ours posted a status politely suggesting people in Perth make an effort to book more diverse (in terms of gender/race/sexuality etc.) line-ups and a bunch of people lost their shit at the suggestion that there was any problem with line-up after line-up of exclusively straight white dudes. Creating inclusive music scenes is everyone’s responsibility and it’s not that fucking hard.”

We agree.

Described recently by Vice Network blog, Noisey as “gutter-punk,” Shit Narnia have found their niche amongst the plethora of genres lurking in Perth’s venue haunts and Teeth is the perfect embodiment of that. If I owned an old school music player I probably would have broken the repeat button by now with the amount of times I’ve been replaying the tune. Easing itself into the harsh vox that occupy a majority of Teeth’s first forty-seconds, the gentle riff line gushes emotions of listener’s angsty teen past…something we all probably all wish we could forget about. Teeth makes me appreciate it.

Last but not least for their self-titled EP (yes that rhymed) is This is How They Kill Us. Accommodated by a swanky soundscape of reverb, scrapes and screams, Snarnz final track for the release is an ominous swell of magnificence that highlights the band’s acquired maturity and musicianship.

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Art: Attack Hug

Art: Attack Hug

So what’s next for Shit Narnz with their Easter states tour on the horizon? What are they excited/piss-scared of?

“We’re excited to be hanging out with the superb Orlando furious., a buddy of ours from Melbourne who is joining us for our Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle shows.  Excited to see all of our buddies who live over East, meet new people, play a tremendous number of shows. Piss-scared that no-one will come to the gigs, I’ll get incredibly ill and we’ll all end up hating each other.

Last weekend we recorded a sneaky little split with some buds that’ll hopefully be out on a 7” before the years end, and also we’re hoping to get another tour together before the years end.”

Event deets here.