Premiere: Running Scared - The Limbs

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Grunge pop goodness meets your mum’s basement is how I’d describe Perth outfit, The Limbs.

Packing in a hefty amount of shows around the scene last year whilst recording their sophomore EP Beginner, the band have been honing their alt-rock sound against and are now ready to release their first track off the polycarbonate piece. Running Scared recorded by Michael Jelinic (The Growl, Felicity Groom, Gunns) is a no bones about it, full bodied rock anthem. Contrary to its title, the tune doesn’t shy away from anything, launching into its brash riffs and clashing cymbals all guns blazing.

Setting the scene for the track with a Daria-esque riff intro, The Limbs welcome you into their sick sad world with angsty driven lyrics captured against the rhythmic riff propulsion. By the time the crew have launched into the chorus you’re picturing yourself thrashing your own limbs about at the nearest music haunt near you and with a track as catchy as this you’d be forgiven…not that there’s anything to forgive you for.

Described as the ‘perfect encapsulation of the EP as a whole’ Running Scared has us hoping time will skip forward a month or so to when Beginner will be released March 26.

Want to know where you can catch another dose of The Limbs? We’ve got your back. The boys are playing a show next Friday 26 at The Bassendean Hotel with hot toddies The Love Junkies and Pat Chow