5 Minutes with Luke Daniel Peacock

Interview & Words by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

An encompassment of honesty, Luke Daniel Peacock’s debut solo album, We’ve Come A Long Way Darling flows from track-to-track. Crafted halfway between folk and sombre country rock, the record was written over a decade, amongst Peacock’s other musical ventures (Halfway, Painted Ladies).

It’s hard to pick just one favourite whilst you make your way through the song list, where a typical album usually leaves you with a standout, We’ve Come A Long Way Darling is your perfect accompaniment to a warm dusky Sunday evening. Maybe what makes the album so lovable is the story it tells lyrically of the Brisbane artist’s journey.

Sombre tune, Alphabet City is a slow burner of a track. Languid with lament and a tinge of wanderlust whilst Midnight - a song Peacock began when he was 17-years-old - skips along its riff with ease and confidence. Last on the record and identifiable as the album’s namesake, We’ve Come A Long Way Darling is a reflective tune that looks back at Luke Daniel Peacock’s path amidst the gentle acoustic twang on the song. A fitting finale to an album that’s been 10 years in the making. 

We spent a few minutes with Luke Daniel Peacock to talk about his music.

Jasmine: What do you view as the most important aspect of your music?

Luke: I guess that it’s relatable. I’d like others to find some comfort or validation in my songs.

How has growing up in the Brisbane music scene impacted you?

I feel very lucky to have been raised in the Brisbane music scene. In my eyes it really is on the worldwide map of great music cities. Just look at all the great bands that were and are born there. It’s probably the one beautiful thing that’s come from our never-ending history of oppression and excessive policing.

What impact do you feel being part of several other music projects and bands like The Painted Ladies has had on your music?

It’s been priceless really. It’s like I’ve managed to sneak into the best rock’n’roll school on the planet.

If you could sum up your latest solo album We’ve Come A Long Way Darling in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Everything I’ve ever had, lost, defeated or failed at up to this point, crammed into a tiny station wagon.

It’s been noted that you have a knack for hitting up the heavy topics whilst still providing hope in your music. What’s one issue you’re just itching to write about?

Not sure, though I watched that film Mr Nobody the other day. I love that whole thing about making the impossible choice and the impact that of all of those tiny little decisions has on ones story.

We've Come A Long Way Darling is available for purchase here.