Get to Know: Last Dinosaurs' Sean Caskey

Splendour in the Grass always brings promising sideshows to our remote little city we call Perth and there's one particular gig that has us foaming.

Located down at Metro City tomorrow night, Two Door Cinema Club are headlining the gig of my high school self's dreams. Joined by Last Dinosaurs and The Creases, these three bands are constantly producing music that feels like your old head-bopping favourites peppered with licks of new vibes and new directions.

Image: Last Dinosaurs

Image: Last Dinosaurs

We had a chat to the Last Dinosaurs' frontman Sean Caskey to gauge what they'd been up to, what we can expect from the tour...and even more importantly why something so simply enjoyed can be missed terribly whilst on tour. 

Interviewed by: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Okay first up, if you guys could describe your sound as a type of food what would it be and why?

This is a tough one, I’ve already typed out a few different answers. But I’m thinking now maybe fried chicken. Just greasy but also crunchy. Tender and flavoursome. Can never be reheated to taste as good, and if it isn’t ‘fully cooked’ then you can get salmonella. That’s how i would describe the Dino’s sound.

In an interview you did a few years ago with Pilerats you spoke about how hard it can be trying to recreate something new and original that still possesses the same vibe of your past work. How is the process creating your third album? You’re recording in Japan right?

I’m still finding it the same but my brother has been writing songs now so that is a totally fresh vibe for this album. These days I’m just writing songs that I just have on my mind then when it comes album time just select the ones that kinda work together. Even though we have a sound I’ve always thought our style varies quite a lot from song to song. My demos vary wildly from country swing about paranoid schizophrenics to straight up house music about salt and vinegar Coles brand Pringles. 'Salt and Vinegar' came to life when BC from Dunies came in while Sloane and I were working on some music and he kindly offered to do a freestyle rap. Of course he had Coles brand salt and vinegar Pringles on his person.

What’ll be different about this release? Have you ever considered how the evolution of your music has introduced so many Last Dino’s fans to other genres of music or bands that are identifiable in your influences and modes of approach to songwriting?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot actually because when I’m making a song I love to reference feelings or sounds from my favourite artists. For me it’s kinda like asking a question - “know what I’m talking about?” kinda thing. I am always wondering about who will make the connections, and go hell yeah that’s so Radio Dept or I can definitely feel that Glo-fi melancholy. I’m finding that musical taste is just an endless journey of discovery, a connecting path of music that is all slightly relative in subtle ways. I’m very interested finding new music for myself so I can subtly channel and transform special moments in music to share with everyone else.

Can we expect a sneak peek at some of your new material on your tour leg with Two Door Cinema Club? I’m sure fans are itching with anticipation.

To be honest it is normally a bit of a blow to the morale when playing new songs live. The most important thing for us is to see the crowd react and have a good time and when you play new music that isn’t familiar to them then the normal reaction is to just stand and absorb. To be fair if I saw any of my favourite bands play a song I hadn’t heard before it’d be hard to get right into it. So we are gonna save all the new stuff for when it’s out I think.

And last but not least, you’ll be repping Brisbane with The Creases on this Two Door tour and it sounds like it’ll be a great time on the road, but tell us what’s one thing you miss about regular life when you’re on tour?

It would definitely have to be my forest of pot plants. I worry about them when I’m away. I know each and every one of them like the back of my hand so I know when any of them are slightly unhappy. When they are healthy then I’m happy. Other than that though, close second, would be my friends and fam. It’s always awesome to come home and catch up with everyone again.  

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