POW! Negro talk Community Radio ahead of RTRFM Winter Music Fest

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Meet seven piece band, POW! Negro, known to kick up a storm on stage and revive something truly magnificent in our hearts. The crew play RTRFM Winter Music Fest this Saturday so we took some time out to chat with the guys about their sound and how they go about preparing for their next set. We also had a yarn about community radio - since it's such a hot topic thanks to the budget - and why it's important to both listeners and local musicians.

What’s the best description you’ve heard of so far of POW! Negro’s sound?

 "PoW! Negro's hypnotic tornado of echoed voices, sharp instrumentals and scratched glitches spiral into electrifying sax solos that leave you wanting more." - Isabelle Marcelo (stereofox.com)

If you could describe your music as a type of food what would you envision?

Gallon jug of Bechamel Sauce. Smooth, creamy, easily swallowed and just the right amount of cheese

.POW! Negro bring a lot of energy when you perform on stage, what sort of preparation do you guys do in the lead-up to a gig?

We don't have any set preparations in the weeks coming up to a show. We focus on our lives outside of POW including university and work. Each member has their own solo art projects too. We rehearse and create new songs together frequently but never with the 'next gig' in mind. The less we think about the up coming show the better the performance is, we found it doesn't help overthinking a show in the up coming weeks. we know our instruments and each other so well that when we get on stage we go crazy and let loose.

Do you have any pre-set traditions?

We do have a little routine right before we play a show. We warm up our vocals, stretch and then 'check-in'. A 'check-in' is when we huddle together and talk. It can be about anything, a new article about black holes, any feelings of anxiety we've had in the past week or how excited we are for season 3 of 'Rick and Morty' to come out. Seriously anything.

What part has community radio played in progressing POW! Negro’s career as musicians?

We are massive supporters of community radio! Our first interview was with Paul Heath who is a presenter at 107.9 Fremantle Radio and Pirate88. Community radio stations are easily the most entertaining. You hear NEW music, not just the same songs with the same structures from the same artists that are recently released on big mainstream stations. We're talking individual grooves, experimental melodies and true grit lyrics. Local/undiscovered artists are free to release these new age songs and feel confident that it will reach an audience and feel that they are contributing to the evolving musical world because community radio is there to back them up and say "this is freakishly dope". Community radio has helped POW in this way and given us opportunities to communicate to our audience through interviews, playing at their sponsored festivals and playing our songs on the radio.

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