Have a Yarn with The Galloping Foxleys

Galloping Foxleys 1.jpg

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

We had a little chat to the bluesy-country folk, The Galloping Foxley's recently ahead of RTRFM Winter Music Fest. As many artists in our community speak out about the plight to #KEEPCOMMUNITYRADIO it's become ever clear to us and the Foxley's frontman, Shane Corry that without community radio stations recognising local music's diversity and providing an avenue for their tunes to reach your ears, you might just be one favourite band short.

How do Galloping Foxleys like to describe themselves?

Like a tornado; we’ve got some dizzy members, we generally leave a trail of casualties behind us, we’ve got our head in the clouds, our feet on the ground and we move with frightening speed.

What’s the most important aspect for your music?

When you play with six other raving loons you have to just join in the mayhem so we always have as much fun as possible. We’d be doing it in a backyard if we weren’t doing it on a stage.

Some of your tunes like My Love Affair With Archer are comic but also quite lyrically sound, what sort of process do you guys go through when writing a new song?

Some songs are about a melody or a hook. Some songs are about an idea or a lyric. Each song is like a beautiful and unique snowflake. We take that snowflake and stomp up and down on it until it’s brown and sludgy and nobody wants to make a snowman out of it. That’s when you know you’ve got a good one.

Do you have a main songwriter or do you all tend to jam a new tune out?

I am the one who brings the bare bones of a song to the table. The Foxleys add the heart and the flesh and a new breed of animal is born. Like a kangorilla or a whalephant.

Why is Community Radio like RTRFM so important to the Galloping Foxleys?

There are so few avenues for bands to get their music heard outside of their bedrooms or garages or dingy little venues. RTRFM are a huge supporter of all sounds and shapes and a platform for any hard working local artist to get some well earned recognition. There’s always a cup of tea and some mints there too.

 And why do you enjoy the festivals like RTRFM Winter Music Fest?

We get to play with a great bunch of chums and some really epic local talents. The heckling too, we just love shouting at Justin Walshe.

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