Get To Know: Hoodlem

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Described as "The Heston Blumenthal of R&B" by triple J's Dom Alessio, Hoodlem are an experimental-pop act rising from the inner city bustle of Melbourne. This March brought their debut self-titled EP to the world, jam packed with thoughtful musings and glitchy beats. As a duo shrouded in anonymity, we had a chat with the producers to see if we could get to know them. 

Okay so first things first! Who are Hoodlem? Describe yourselves in a few words.

Sneaky! ;) Just a couple of friends making music from the darkness of a backyard shed.

Wrapping your project in anonymity has really worked for you guys by adding that element of intrigue. Why do you choose to remain unknown?

When we started the project we knew we wanted anonymity to be apart of the music we were making.  We decided that the best way to let the music speak for itself was to not put our faces and names to it and to give it its own space to exist.

We choose to remain unknown so we can have the freedom to write and create without having ourselves attached to the Hoodlem identity. The profile and image-based side of music detracts from making the art and isn’t as important to us.

What do you view as the biggest issue in the Australian music scene at the moment?

I think at the moment we’re really lucky in Melbourne with our live music scene and culture but I also think one of the biggest issues facing Australia is the restrictions on venues and other stakeholders. We have a handful of cities that bands can play in and because of the laws and restrictions in different states there is less unity. I’d love to see more focus on more female artists on bills.

Your debut EP shows some real promise, who influences your sound? Do you seek creative inspiration from mediums other than music?

It’s hard to list influences musically as I listen to – anything weird and wonky and left of centre. Beat-wise – straight down the line hip hop is an influence.

With seeking creative inspiration from other mediums I really love reading sci-fi and it gets me interested in exploring the boundaries beyond limits, trying things out that aren’t conventional. I also love dance and am inspired by movement in general and how sound can accent movement and vice versa.

Where’s the future heading for Hoodlem post EP?

Writing and recording more music, writing with other people, relocating overseas and meeting new people and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

Stream Hoodlem's EP here.