Talking New Music with Sophie Wiegele from Edie Green

Photo: Curbside

Photo: Curbside

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

So what have Edie Green been up to for the past few months?

Four months ago I went away for about two and a half months, I had to do some stuff for uni, so I was in Norway and it was SO much fun! Edie Green didn’t jam for like two and a half months which was pretty rough, surprisingly once everyone was together again we held it together pretty well but we’ve had heaps of jams since then. We did two lead-up shows ahead of Fairbridge Festival as well…I mean yeah that’s pretty much what we’ve been up to.

Oh! And we recorded a new EP last year, so that’s just been sitting there and now we’re ready to release the first single.

Now a lot of publications have said your sound is hard to class into a genre, how do you describe your sound?

Great question! Um…I find it hard to class our sound or to put words to a genre I guess. I always go for something vague, the most recent single, Moonshine that we’re releasing has real indie rock vibes and I kinda like that as well but most of the new EP has jazz elements to it and smooth soul. Some of the vocals in it are quite ‘souly’ but we like to play around with genres so we don’t become too static as a band and we don’t really have any boundaries. We don’t want to be a typecast of a band.

What if you had to describe your sound as a type of food?

I’m thinking a trifle, you start at the top and the custard is all sweet and creamy, nice poppy vibes and then it’s a bit folky with sweet vocals and those nice little guitar licks. Then you get to the jelly where the vibe changes! Lots of different layers and different vibes for each song, it makes it difficult to write a cohesive EP but you know, we’ve done our best!

Where does Edie Green tend to draw inspiration?

So myself and Conor are the main writers for the band, I myself draw inspiration from stuff that happens around me, day-to-day as well as the music that I listen to especially. I find that things in the background or things you heard ages ago will come back, just popping up in your mind whilst you’re singing.

What type of music do you listen to?

I really love Neo-Soul, so Erykah Badu obviously, Jules Scott is really lovely as well! I love listening to The Pixies, old Kings of Leon and The Black Keys, with their stuff being really guitar driven. Tyler, the drummer of the band is more into Blues and Jazz, so he’s introduced me to more of that which I really love and I’ve found it’s come into my vocals more.

Any local bands on your radar?

HEAPS OF LOCAL BANDS! Local bands are constantly inspiring because seeing them up on stage, their personas really capture me. I love Moana on stage! We have Shy Panther and Monroe supporting us for our single launch and I really love The Durongs as well, they have a really good style.

There’s a lot of good Perth music, I think it’s kind of the close knit scene where everyone’s kind of feeding off each other and inviting each other to gigs and things like that. So really everyone is helping each other’s development, which is cool!

Now you launch Moonshine, your latest single at The Bird this Friday, give us a little bit of info on what the song’s about.

One of the lyrics in the song is ‘we’ve only got the man in the moon for our light’ which is where the Moonshine name comes from, it’s also about getting drunk.

There was a night that Tyler, Conor and I all had a party about 2km away from my house. It was really late and we were drinking and you know, getting a little bit on the tipsy/drunk end of things. We’d all brought our skateboards so that we could skate back to mine and the lyrics are just about us skating back, being drunk, with this amazing music playing and us taking all the hills because we were so confident and not giving a fuck about whether we fell off. I fell off so many times! It was along the coast so it was just an absolutely beautiful night. Anyway so that was the first half of the song and at the end it kinda breaks down into this half time contradiction with the vocals soaring over it. That comes from Lachie - who’s the current bassist in the band – he had a band called Morrie Beth and they used to sing a song called Spacejam and I’d come up and sing weird crazy vocals in it. I said ‘Aw we should incorporate that into an Edie Green song’ and Moonshine is the song we chose to do that in.

So tell me about the new EP!

Oh the EP is great, I really like it! We recorded it in the middle of last year at Blackbird Studios with Dave Parker, he’s the guy that recorded our last single, New Heavy and he’s really lovely and great to work with. I think we spent about 5 or 6 days in the studio recording 5 new tracks, they’re all finished and done and waiting to be released so that’s exciting. We kind of worked on one track per day, we’d get there in the morning and run through it, work on any bits that needed to be smoothed out and then record it from there layer by layer. I just remember the very very last night, we’d worked ‘till late, I think it was 10:30 or 11pm and Dave has all these lights on his ceiling like stars so we all just laid down and turned off all the lights except these starry things and just listened to the entire EP. The EP’s a really good taste of the band as it is now, it’s quite different from our previous stuff and a bit more complex. It’s matured as we matured into our music.

Photo: Curbside

Photo: Curbside

Edie Green launch Moonshine, their first release off their new EP this Friday at The Bird.