The Ink Grid Print Launch - Interview Nibbles: Slick Monks

With The Ink Grid's Print Launch at The Bird fast approaching, we hit up the musicians performing on the night so you can learn a little bit more about who they are and what you can expect from their set on April 16. 


Say hey to Slick Monks!

Hailing from the southern beaches of Perth, Slick Monks are rock trio best known for their popular first single Spaghetti Maze. With their latest single Liar's Mime currently doing its rounds these guys are the perfect musical mix for your Saturday night out.

Make sure you stretch.

If you had to describe your music in three words, how would you describe it?


What’s the story on how you started playing?

We got together in 2014. We’re all mates, so we just decided to create this thing that turned into lots of gigging, writing and beer.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a part of the music scene?

Some of the most rewarding instances are when other bands like your music, or when you get recognised by people you look up to. Free beer is also handy.

What about the music scene do you wish you could change?

I wish the other 50% of our generation would appreciate and enjoy live music. More gig-goers.

Tell us about the vibes we can expect from your set at The Ink Grid launch.

Some of our set can get pretty intense but otherwise we’re just 3 dudes having fun, doing our best, and playing our songs.

Are you guys getting up to anything cool for the rest of the year?

We got lots of gigs coming up and at some stage we’re recording and releasing an EP, which should be fun.