One of These Nights (I’ll Be Gone) – Get To Know The Southern River Band

Words and Interview by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

New music is always welcomed with open arms here and reworked versions…well when a band has such a dedicated approach to their music that they’re willing to rehash and re-record a previous song we can’t help but appreciate that. And that’s what the lovable Southern River Band have done with their latest single One of These Nights (I’ll Be Gone), an ode to telling yourself you’re alright when you’re not really sure at all.

Brimming at its britches with nostalgia, One of These Nights (I’ll Be Gone) welcomes you into a pub-like soundscape, acoustic guitar, banjo and all whilst Cal Kramer’s voice serenades our souls and the electric guitar rings out in reprise the second time around before Kramer wields the guitar solo to end all guitar solo. A perfect mix of lament that feels like it belongs in your favourite movie during the most heart-wrenching scene.  

Post single launch, we decided to have a chat with the guys to talk formation and band friendships.

Jasmine: First off the bat, who are The Southern River Band and what’s the story on how you guys formed?

Cal: G'day! The Southern River Band are a Rock n Roll Dance Party from the postcard perfect little country town of Thornlie, nestled somewhere between Gosnells and 'lock your doors, kids'. Basically to make a short story long, You’ve got Ant on bass, Carlo on drums, Jase on guitar, and myself on Cal, just sorta giving it a red hot go. One day, out at the Thornlie Tavern a man named Bear (honestly) took a liking to Ant and I's hair and drinking habits and booked us a gig at the pub. It was at that point we decided that we might need to get a band together to do the aforementioned gig. Jase and I grew up in parallel streets and had been yarning about playing together for a while, so that was a piece of piss, but drummers are harder to come by than a photo of a pout-less Ant. We'd met Carlo about 8 years ago playing in various bands around town when he was playing in Stella's Kitchen with his brothers, and became hell mates quick smart/dumb. Years passed by and life took everyone off on their own path (Centrelink, hospital, lang trees and Wok in a Box for those of you playing at home) but one day we had the epiphany that Carlo was the extremely handsome, chiseled, financially secure, volunteer vet for the job! That was just under a year ago, and the rest, as they say, I can't remember.

How has the journey since forming been for Southern River Band?

The journey has been one of many, many, moral crossroads.

How would you describe your music for people that haven’t seen your sets before?

It sounds like a mixture of hope and fear, but to any new fandits out there, it’s just a rock n roll dance party

Now I’ve seen Southern River Band play live a few times down at Mojo’s and you all mesh really well on stage, are friendships within bands something that grow as the band matures or do you find it’s one of those things where you either get on or you don’t?

Well the bandits have a real strong support group that are sorta the glue that keep it all together, but in terms of onstage, we just all have a ball. That’s the key I think, you can’t help but gel with people on your wave length, and you have to have some sort of friendship in the early days, cos it’s a lot of time spent together when you're trying to get your first set together. But, putting the shoe on the other hand, you definitely grow as a unit. Comfortability established, lines crossed.

So what was the go with the single launch for One of These Nights (I’ll Be Gone)? The track’s been on your SoundCloud for about a year, why launch it now?

Well the old one’s a shitty home recording basically, and we got a hold of the gear we needed to get a decent representation of the track. So we just thought we’d get it out there in all its glory! And it’s as good an excuse as any to get loose.

Stay tuned with The Southern River Band's antics here.