Get To Know: Red Engine Caves

Interviewed by Cam Hurst

Red Engine Caves are a lovable bunch of rockers never short on shenanigans and are always happy to share a laugh. We caught up with them recently to have a quick chinwag so you could get to know them a little better ahead of their Purple Pam single launch this Saturday at the Rosemount. A teaser ahead of the new album they're dropping later this year.

Cam: You can definitely hear the influence of classic Australian rock in the new track. Who are your biggest Aussie music idols?

REC: Bon, Billy Thorpe, Stevie Wright and Lobby Lloyd.

The new single has a killer guitar solo - what are your favourite rock guitar solos of all time?

Any solo that Cal plays in The Southern River Band, you choose, they're all loose.

What is your writing process as a group?

Group activities involving going to the pub.         

Was there a particularly memorable moment in the recording process which you think sums up the experience?

When Ralf and our manager Miller went to Coles up the road from the studio came back with a month worth of food because everything was on special. Trying out all the live rock recording techniques with our producer/engineer Clancy Travers was massive for us.

What are your touring plans for the album?

Once QANTAS lets Ralf back on board we'll head east. That will probably be mid year if he behaves.

If you could describe the album in 5 words, how would you?

Sex, Drugs, and Servo Pies

We heard at your last show you shouted everyone at Mojos drinks, what was the thinking behind what was described as an 'anti-fundraiser' night?

We're sick and tired of reading about "fundraiser" gigs when really, every gig is a fundraiser. Now we aren't no rocket scientists, but where does that money usually go at every other gig... whatever the band is working on I guess? The word fundraiser reminds us of a bake sale at school that your mum helped out at. We wanted to do something cool for our fans who've been with us since day dot, so why not turn the whole of Mojo's into a giant VIP room and jump in behind the bar and help the Mojo's staff serve drinks out to the audience. You don't have to call your show a fundraiser to try get more people down there to watch you.

For more info on The Red Engine Caves' single launch click here.