Hyper Artist: Iceage Sugar

Photo: Abbie Hunt

Photo: Abbie Hunt

Interviewed by Alex Hindley

After playing a few summer council festivals, the rising rock-pop band Iceage Sugar are ready for their first real festival performance at this years HyperFest. The Ink Grid spoke to members Dillon, Alex and Jesse about their thoughts and feelings on the show and their music.

So how did all of you start out in music?

A: I started in primary school, I used to play trumpet and then tuba but I didnt start playing guitar till like year 11. I just figured it out from there.

D: I was pretty standard. I got bass guitar lessons when I was 12, then I taught myself to play guitar after that. We were all in a band together and I played guitar but now I play bass in Iceage Sugar.

J: I started playing guitar when Dillon played bass, and in grade 12 I taught myself drums.

A: We needed a drummer for the band.

J: I always wanted to be a drummer though.

And how did you form the band?

D: Our old band fizzled out so we decided to form a band with Josh as the singer.

A: What happened was I went travelling around South East Asia and Josh filled in for me on guitar while I was away and it turned out he could sing.

D: We formed at the beginning of and 2014 and started gigging at the same time. 

What is your music about?

D: Thematically and lyrics wise (our songs are) almost always written by Josh. He mainly writes them about girls and money.

J: What else is there?

D: Sonically it's not really about anything.

A: What do you mean? It's about getting your boogey on.

What was the coolest experience being in the band?

D: Learning true friendship and responsibility.

A: Free beer.

D: Yeah and sometimes free food. We get food at HyperFest.

D: I mean we went on a tour and that turned out to be pretty fun.

So, what are your expectations for this year's HyperFest?

D: I think its going to be really good. The lineup is so solid, its the most solid HyperFest lineup I've seen. 

A: Getting some free food. I'm excited to play with Pat Chow again.

J: Yeah I'm pumped for the lineup.

How does it feel to be apart of the lineup?

D: It feels good to be apart of a really solid lineup. I think that HyperFest is really good for us because its the ideal age bracket for our genre.

J: There'll be people there who haven't heard our stuff before. We'll get new people to come to see us, that'll be cool.

What acts are you looking to check out at the festival?

DBall Park Music are going to go off, Northlane probably, and Young Robin.

J: It would be interesting to see those because they're so legit.

A: Well I'm excited to see Pat Chow and Riley Pearce.

What is the significance of HyperFest to you guys? 

J: When I was in high school I was interested in HyperFest because its cheaper and easier to get into than other festivals.

D: It's such a great festival because its great value for money. A Ball Park Music show would be like $40, a DZ Deathrays $30 and Northlane $40. That's like $100 for those three bands alone, that's important in my opinion. Festivals are dropping left and right, it's good to have a decent festival that's still around.

Has anything crazy happened as a band?

N/A*: Well once I was out drinking heavily the night before a band competition and I shit my pants before we got on stage, I just threw the underwear out and played commando. 

Was it a good show at least?

All: We won the competition.

Catch Iceage Sugar at this year's HyperFest and listen out for their new single Blush coming soon.

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*Band member preferred to not be named