Time Out with Time Pilot [WAM Chats]

Photo: Sean Finney

Photo: Sean Finney

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

We caught up with the dynamic duo ahead of WAM Fest this weekend to chat sound, scrutiny and the the versatility of avocado. 

What sound did you guys originally have in mind when you formed as a production duo and how do you feel it's matured?

Yo! So we were really inspired by the 'Australian Sound' that was booming at the time and constantly on the radio and emulated on SoundCloud. Guys like Wave Racer, Yahtzel and Flume were just some of the guys leading the charge and we thought it'd be fun to work on some similar tunes together. As the project has grown we have had a mutual love for big sounding synths and cinematic, atmospheric stuff...along with uniquely written pop songs haha, so our next few releases are definitely a combo of all those things.

Producers live sets often face scrutiny from outsiders of the electronic music scene because they often don't play live instruments. How do Time Pilot overcome this scrutiny?

At this point we are DJing as we want to take some time to wrap our head around the live set stuff and get it to the point where we can play a full set of our own original material. No discredit to DJing though...watching someone that is a wiz behind the decks is a delight to see.

If you guys could describe your sound as a type of food what would it be? Why?

An avocado! On the outside it wears a bold & rigid exterior... But crack open that shell you will find amazingly soft mush surrounding a giant round macadamia nut that doubles as a beer pong ball. 

When can we see those awesome jackets you guys wear available as Time Pilot merch?!

Soon! There's opportunity to do some gnarly stuff. Keep a look out sometime next year when we have a few more songs out! *winks*

Last but not least, why is WAM such a vital organisation to the WA music scene?

It's awesome to see everyone culminate together like this each year, and to also see such diversity in the styles of music here in Perth. Giving such talented musicians, producers, dj's a chance to do their thing on a stage, over such a big weekend, is a great way to unearth some major hometown rockstars.

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