News Just In: Segue Safari Sounds, Just as Tasty as Chicken Waffles [WAM Chats]

Image: Segue Safari

Image: Segue Safari

Interviewed by Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Jeremy Segal and The Ink Grid chat about the WA music community and WAM’s integral role for musicians of Perth.

Segue Safari have come a long way since forming, what were the biggest moments of 2016 for the band?

I think our favourite moments so far have been playing at RTRFM's Distant Murmurs earlier this year and supporting Cate Le Bon last month at Mojos. Playing at The Big Splash final was a good time too.

How do you see the Perth music scene in terms of the type of genres it fosters, the culture behind it and its inclusivity?

I think we're pretty lucky in Perth - the music scene is such a close-knit, friendly community, which makes it easy to meet like-minded people. Everyone's really supportive of each other which is a real cool thing. You can definitely see how local bands influence/are influenced by one another which is also a cool thing. Lots of cool things.

Segue play WAM Fest's Saturday Spectacular this weekend, do you guys see WAM as an integral part to WA music?

Yeah definitely! They provide some sweet opportunities for bands/people doing music related things. Also, WAM Fest is such a good time, always a real nice community spirit.

The band launches their latest single 'Colour TV' on Nov 25th at Babushka, what vibes can we expect?

I'm pretty sure my final uni exam for this semester is the day before, so most likely good vibes. Not stressful vibes. It'll be a vibe.

And last but not least if you could describe your sound as a type of food what would it be?

I'm gonna have to go with chicken waffles - sweet meets savoury kind of thing.

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