Get to Know: Lime Cordiale (SYD)

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Coming onto the music scene 3 years ago, Sydney siders Lime Cordiale have been spreading their good vibes across the country. Amid the release of their anticipated EP Road to Paradise, the boys have set off to tour the country so we decided to make a quick phone call and chat to front man, Oliver Leimbach.

Starting out as a fairly self-explanatory duo, the Leimbach brother’s realisation of their similar interests led to them forming Lime Cordiale. “The other guys kinda came along through knowing them at uni…we were friends with a trombone player instead of a lead guitarist so that’s kind of how he ended up in the band,” said Leimbach straying away from the norm instrumentally. When it came to their bluesy indie rock, the band originally didn’t have any plans in mind. “We were kinda just going with the flow. It’s been a really natural progress and actually a really long progression too to get to the sound that we’re at now.” Speaking about how this progression came about, Oliver said over time they seem to have developed their sound to suit the venues they were playing at. 

We started off just my brother and I playing acoustic guitar, then we started playing in bars and we’d get all our friends along from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, so we’d have 200 people or so since there was nowhere to go out around here. The venue gave us free beers and eventually we had to start turning the volume up.
— Oliver Leimbach

Lime Cordiale are the type of band that embody the stereotypical larrikin nature of Australian folk, their recent music clip for their latest single Not That Easy was filmed when the band venture up to Northern Queensland for the Western Central Queensland Drought Appeal. “They’re having a lot of hard times with the drought, a lot of people are having to leave their properties and sell their properties for less than what they bought them for because the land just isn’t good anymore. It’s really devastating.” The band decided along the way of their tour playing a few shows in the area they would sell raffle tickets for the drought appeal, hanging out with locals and investing their time to get to know a few people. After the cut of the music video was finalised, Lime Cordiale dedicated the music video to the Northern Queensland personalities they met along their road trip. “The song wasn’t necessarily written for the drought appeal but the title Not That Easy, it’s appropriate.”

Lime Cordiale kicked off their Road Paradise Tour on the weekend at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne with Under 18 shows. Unfortunately there’s no Perth show on the cards but we’re hoping to change that.

Before parting, we asked Oliver what Perth bands were on his radar, especially after the recent wrap up of WAM Festival. “Obviously Tame Impala, I mean you can’t not really say them. I just listen to Tame Impala and get really inspired to write music. I’ve had quite a few friends who have moved over here with their music and they’re always showing me a whole bunch of bands that are connected and it’s kind of like an incestuous city of music,” he said. We couldn’t agree more but that’s so uniquely Perth, it’s a city where everyone seems to know everyone and we like it that way.