Bri Clark – Songstress and Girl Next Door

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

If you were faced with the challenge of describing Bri Clark with only one word, well…you’d fail that challenge straight up because there aren’t enough words to describe the talent and charismatic personality this Perth songstress possesses.  

Catching up with Clark for some much needed pizza and drinks at The Moon, was like catching up with a very old friend. I had to keep reminding myself to stay on track!

Whilst sinking into an amazingly plush couch, we chatted about where her journey began when it came to writing music and how it’s been so far. “I really only started doing this about twelve months ago when I did Telstra Roads to Discovery,” she said, as we dug into the self-doubt that comes with pursuing a passion. “I was contemplating as to whether to just keep it as a hobby because it was so therapeutic to write since I was only half way through my commerce degree.”

Meeting an array of personalities in Melbourne after winning the WA heat for Telstra Roads to Discovery cemented Clark’s faith in her ability, “It made me realise that hey, I can do this and I really should do this.” After journeying home, the talented musician churned out material for about eight months straight.

Slumped over the piano in my pyjamas on like a Monday afternoon, that would have been where you could find me.
— Bri Clark

Talking about the most important part of her sound, Bri Clark delved into what is so inherently important about her song writing. “I guess the foundation is the song writing, because I can take it to different producers but if it isn’t something I would write, it’s not going to sound like me…I think vocals are the stronger parts along with that piano vibe.” And where does this singer/songwriter write tracks like her latest release Shiver? “I definitely feel more comfortable writing on my piano in my little room, mum and dad have recently just soundproofed it so I’m very lucky.”

Shiver speaks volumes about Clark’s song writing, as she wields raw and emotional honesty within the track. “I’ve found that when you’re writing, just don’t hold back. If you want to say something just say it. Like my new song Shiver came from a place of being really uncertain about somebody, really hesitant, you know when you’re just not sure about somebody and whether they’re in the same place you are at that moment.” Speaking about her recent release Assertion being the portrayal of a completely different attitude, Clark displayed her easy-going nature, “Assertion is just like well let’s just have a go then.”

With a yet to be released music video on its way, Clark gave us the lowdown as to what we can expect. “It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done, well actually I got my spleen taken out about two years ago so we’ll see whether it measures up…I’m just pretty much without clothes and being covered in black paint, that’s pretty much the gist of it. We had to do some severe editing though because there were a few nip slips.” Big ups to WA musician’s gutsy attitude. We love it and we love her!

Bri Clark launches her single and music video this Friday Oct 30 at The Boston with an entourage of our music favourites; Joni in the Moon, Hannah Rosa and Connor Ross. 10 smackeroonies, get onto it.