Quartz - RKDA [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindley

Melbourne based dream pop trio RKDA are teasing their debut EP with the single Quartz, an evolving and eerie sample. 

An ethereal sound-scape melody permeates throughout the song under an impressively conquering drum track, filled with glitch and overdrive effects. 

Back of the mix vocals are smothered by the beats until they're brought to attention in a harrowing chorus of vocals.

The drums are pushed back against the chilling hook, repeating the lines "I wont wake, I won't wake up the dead" in beautifully howling productions of intensity and power. 

Shifting into transition, a slow and muted portion comparable to the pacing styles of Portishead reveals itself before being tossed to a brief portion of chopped vocals and jungle tone drums, bridging into a second chorus that snakes in a long fade out to close the song.

Quartz seems to suffer from from a lack of definition between it's multiple stylistic changes. Despite altering drum racks and vocal chopping, certain effects lose effectiveness due to the thick and airy repetitiveness of the melodic backbones. In this case it's merely too much of a good thing as the single remains a favorably brilliant precursor to RKDA's EP that is ripe with excitement and anticipation.