Outsiders - Oh White Mare [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Born from an old attic owned by Snowy Fleet, Oh White Mare ooze the flair and guts of Arctic Monkeys on an open road. Their second tune Outsiders cements the band’s solid sound, further accentuating the raw grit the Perth outfit have to offer up post debut single All Right.

Opening with the distinct stomp of a bass drum, the rhythmic fuzz of grungy guitar riffs intermingle with front man, Ross Wood’s vocals-come-falsetto. Upping the anti as the tune reaches the one minute mark, Oh White Mare kick it up a notch with an advancing wall of sound that just screams rebellion and leather jackets. Outsiders is a single placarding in capital letters that Oh White Mare haven’t lost any of their spirit or determination.