Don’t Worry About Anything – Furball [Single Review]

Photo: Curbside Photography

Photo: Curbside Photography

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

I’ve been a little out of loop with the punk scene as of late but it’s new bands like Furball that make me want to jump back in and throw myself deep into an all too hectic mosh. Coming out strong from the gates, the Perth band’s fresh debut release Don’t Worry About Anything is an ode to trying to keep it semi-together even if it’s not really working out all that well.

Face it, we’ve all probably been there.

Well versed in their genre’s signature style, the intro guitar licks to Don’t Worry About Anything are unassuming in nature until the thunderous power of Nicholai Jakosz’ lead guitar douses Furball’s sound with a riff that can only be described as FIRE. Surfacing amongst the flames, comes Thomas Wilson’s vocals with lyrics you know you’ll be echoing every time you hear this track. Journeying into the bridge of their debut tune, the intensity of Furball’s sound multiplies even further into the refrain but it’s the pure unadulterated honesty of the words Wilson sings that get me drumming the steering wheel with this song. You’ve been living under a rock if you can’t relate to the notion of “wet blanket company”