Circle Limit - Leon Osborn [Single Review]

Words: Hannah Nissen

Falling back into the limelight over more recent months, followed by his latest single drop last week, Leon Osborn’s most recent track  Circle Limit is a tasty whodunit of house inspired experiment and ambiance. With a fleeting selection of oriental summer chimes and cocktails-on-a-velvet-lounge-near-some-pool vibes, Leon oscillates between the frazzled electronica of Koreless & the villa pool bar party of Caribou. The song begins at a Shimokitazawa cabana bar, flirting only just lightly at the prospect of getting up and having a boog, but then has been cured into this smoky onslaught of muscle-flinching beats that coax you into being up on the floor before you even have time to finish your Kombucha Blueberry Sunrise.

With a B-side that offers a very literal structure of his push-pull style of production, and fittingly titled Today - Tomorrow, the two tracks manage to birth movement where there may not have been before, spurring emotion and a narrative tension that is inspired.