Vice Versa - Black Stone from the Sun [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Short, fast and loud…very fucking loud – that’s how I’d describe Black Stone from the Sun, a Perth two-piece that produce the sound of several hundred strident, musically gifted children. We can feel something very big in the works for these boys, and after their last release Old As Culture, we can hear it too! Now comes Vice Versa.

Carrying on from similar tones of their last single, Black Stone from the Sun’s thunderous guitar riffs drenched in distortion, hard hitting vocals and the clatter of cymbal heavy drums are distinct.

A certified head banger from beginning to end, what’s most noteworthy about Vice Versa is that one guitar lick around the 1:30 mark you’ll end up humming for days. It’s a definitive mix of nostalgia packaged up into a riff and the key coupling of Jack Nelson and Sean Mackay’s unique skill pairing that’s wrapped itself up into a mature sound, complimenting Black Stone’s music and ability to make you want to set fire to all things holy. 

Taking their destruction to the East coast and Adelaide this May, we're fully ready for what's up next from the duo.