Period of Maximum Excitability - Human Buoy [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindley

The latest single from Perth/Fremantle collaborative act Human Buoy offers a concoction of gorgeous alternative rock and lyrical ambiguity. Amassed in an impressively recorded and mastered sophomore release comes Period Of Maximum Excitability.

Centered around a solar cycle known as 'the period of maximum excitability' where the majority of world wars and revolutions have occurred, an immediately strong drum rhythm opens the song, bordered with chugging guitar tones and a duo of voices.

An even tandem of both male and female vocal presence lazily fluctuate octaves in a pool of reverb and echo. Thematically masked lyrics spill in a confrontational but by no means aggressive manner, repeating the sentiment of a revolution whilst plucky guitar note melodies sweeten to a crescendo of silence.

The crux of the song appears. Heavier fuzz chords now arpeggio about, joined by a new and infectious bass melody.

Both elements collectively dampen an already distant peppering of abstract vocals and exclamations. The section provides an intense and imaginative soundscape, allowing the song to plant its feet firmly and comfortably in the centre of the proverbial Venn diagram of rock and experimental genres.

Subsiding comfortably into a second verse, now joined by a profound and eerie high toned synthesizer. New lyrical ideas are explored briefly before an awkward fade to a sample of a discussion on Real Time With Bill Maher, concerning the occurrence and threat of recent and future solar storms.

Transitioning back into heavy chorus sounds and closing within new-found and refrained rhythms. Layering itself with a spatter of interesting vocal sounds as well as a reprise of the sample that swirls in a magnificent cluster to a soft fade out.

It would be unfair to not adhere to an attempt of recognition for hidden meaning and artistic endeavor amongst Period Of Maximum Excitability, yet the emotions felt lean more towards an acknowledgment of deeper meaning that are perhaps not fully recognised. 

This is a song of quality.

Pairing infectious tonal ideas and sounds with cool, looming vocals dipped slightly in an indeterminate concept. Anticipation spikes for the four piece's fresh approach to the experimentation of the lo-fi rock genre within Perth's growing musical community.