The Final Age of Men - Michael Strong [Single Review]

Photo: Chiara Adams

Photo: Chiara Adams

Words: Hannah Nissen

Michael Strong has released his latest single The Final Age of Men and it is a chaos-addled explosion of sound and sentiment. With a glitchy opening spanning ambience and disparity, it is an entirely fitting title for such a transfigurative and powerfully vulnerable melody. The outbursts of experiment allow for a story to be told and a struggle to be realised, with heavy burdening sounds creating a wave of content. 

Michael has decided to drop this single with an exposing nude shoot that you can check out here. I truly believe this amalgamation of Michael Strong, member of The Disappointed and self-coined “failure” is offering some really insightful and developing experiments with this single. The images and the themes have the potential to reinforce attention to the masculine facet of what we know as ‘equality’ nowadays, especially in terms of sexuality, which is so often stigmatized and centrally inclusive to women, but is still a widely unacknowledged concern for men.