While I'm Waiting - Annie Bass [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindey

Sydney based pair Annabel Weston and co-writer Matt Morrison (Seekae) have teamed up to produce a well paced introductory single under Annie Bass. While I'm Waiting is an ode to unrequited affection and a quality first impression.

Opening with an ethereal, trickling soundscape combination and an incomprehensible vocal loop. Shortly joined by Weston's gorgeous vocals that sweep into the melody and a trio of percussion including a muted kick, extended distant snare and chippy hi-hats.

Pacing itself between the repetitive and memorable chorus, vocal loops return and rhythms are replaced with dripping piano notes that sprinkle and swirl throughout the song. 

The chorus lacks any notable progression from the initial groovy, down tempo beat shared at the start of the song until the second time round. As it thickens the sound out with dark, thin strings and rattling guitar tones moving through the mix. 

Annie Bass seems to have some serious support behind her with the singles mixing conducted by Matt Morrison and mastering by Andrei Eremin, While I'm Waiting makes for an excellent initial release from the artist that is surrounded with anticipation.