H X K – Hindley and Kopano [EP Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

The Perth electronic scene has been reaching new heights this year, considering we’re only three months into 2016 that’s a pretty big feat. The latest release from Hindley and Kopano a pair of budding artists is H & K, an EP compilation combining an assertive barrage of rap and future bass with peppy bedroom pop that’s very loved up in the local plateau currently.

Fresh and first off the record is 3AM, a trance like number that builds with its repetitive hook before Hindley displays an intense utterance of lyrical flow about the slow burn of a relationship. Preference hits you with its wall of sound as the second addition to H & K, masquerading an air of menace in Kopano’s vocals. Reflective and reminiscent, this tune weaves its way around your ears and leaves a lingering buzz.

Doing a complete 180, the third track from H & K is a cutesy lull of synth sounds with a strong pulsing backbone. It’s also one of my favourite tunes from this EP taking on a notable influence from Perth future bass heavyweight, Sable. The concluding track for Hindley and Kopano’s collaboration is Pour Gold, a stripped back cry of realness set to a liquid like soundscape that ricochets off your heart beat until its fade out.

Listen to the all the tasty numbers below and check out more from the duo here and here.