Old As Culture – Black Stone From The Sun [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Coming back into the first half of 2016 as strong as ever, Black Stone From The Sun recently dropped their new single Old As Culture on Wednesday. Sauntering through the three minute track, the band’s latest tune recorded with The Love Junkies’ Mitch McDonald parades its sound waves into your ears and an even deeper place in your heart. If you seriously dig Violent Soho and 90’s grunge lords, Nirvana then you’ll love Old As Culture.

Catchy from the get go, Sean Mackay’s laidback riff capers along with the drone of the duo’s vocals. Exploding into the chorus, the wanton release finds itself in the crash of Jack Nelson’s cymbals whilst the melodic ‘ooo’s’ give you something to sing along to as you blast the track in your car.

Compositionally, I don’t think I’ve heard a tune from Black Stone From The Sun that’s been anything but great, pure sound, with the boy’s ability to always find the perfect amount of light and shade playing a serious factor in their successful release of their 2015 EP, Death Threats and Cigarettes. Just listen out for the psychedelic influences in the reverb of the bridge, an influence of Perth born Tame Impala perhaps?