Kintsugi - Hoodlem [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindley

Melbourne electronic pop duo Hoodlem have slipped a new song loose after a year of silence. The bonafide slow jam Kintsugi is one of the grooviest breakup songs in recent memory. 

Paced with empty, metallic percussion and sweetly mumbled guitar chords. The structure of the jam is commanded by the strength and sometimes sporadic bass line that is easily comparable to the sound and rhythms of a more calmer Flying Lotus and Thundercat.

Cut up vocals chorus along the song, seasoned with subtle edits and audio strobe effects that are complimented by the addition of a glitch textured piano that signals a transition to a much fuller melody. Rising, dreamier chords and glittery chime percussion thicken out Kintsugi beautifully but briefly as the richness slips away and the track returns to its original grooves. 

Closing with an accumulation of all the sweet tones and sounds that came previously, with the addition of arpeggio keys and glittery samples.

Hoodlem excel in creating a funky, jazz-esque song that flows between multiple emotions expressed through the waves of musical elements that swell intermittently.