Black Mire - Lonely The Brave [Single Review]

Words: Thomas Munday

UK alt-rock group Lonely the Brave is on the fast track to becoming a contemporary music game-changer. The latest single, Black Mire, explores a collection of unique ideas whilst connecting with its core fan-base.

Black Mire is a moody, eclectic example of the group’s ever-lasting range and proficiency. Rumbling along with Mark Trotter and Ross Smithwick’s gritty guitar chords and Andrew Bushnen’s catchy bass-line, the song fits perfectly into the band’s alluring oeuvre.

The group, having toured with everyone from Bruce Springsteen, Deftones, and Neil Young to combine familiar elements with their signature motifs. Fuelled by Gavin Edgeley’s thick, metallic drum-line, each verse is restrained compared to the track’s anthem-like chorus.

Black Mire’s dark, laconic aura clings to lead singer David Jake’s distinctive sound throughout. Wringing out impressionistic lyrics like: “What if I said the riders had come…we're stood downstream and we ain't got nowhere to run”, the track’s echo-like primary and backing vocals build before the chorus’ addictive, haunting melody.

The track’s slow-burn quality becomes prominent towards the denouement, concluding steadily with driving instrumental riffs and deeper notes. Black Mire is definitely a defining track for Lonely the Brave; a memorable, consistent rock single with a plentiful share of brows and dips.