Weighed Down – Buzz Aldrin & the Second Best [Single Review]

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

Bursting onto the scene in 2015, Buzz Aldrin and the Second Best have slowly infiltrated the tight knit musician’s haunt of Fremantle. Wielding their sound with the same intensity they play at, the band were soon sharing stages with well-known locals; The High Learys, The Love Junkies and Skullcave.

A few days ago the group who combine a unique whirlwind of genres brought their garage punk sounds into publicly available recorded form with their debut single Weighed Down. If I could describe it in one word it would be killer but let me break it down for you in a few more.

Weighed Down is a track you can jam out to, harmonise or plug in, even when you’re getting ready to move house. Like a fine wine it adapts to your taste buds rather than the other way around. It lets you decide on your consumption because you choose whether you wolf it down or take lots of little digestible pieces.

Pioneering the intro to the track, the mellow guitar riff moulds itself to a steady pairing of drums before tight bass lines latch onto your ears and weave their little hands into front man, Jack Hoffman’s eerie and intense vocals. When the chorus hits, you’d best be holding onto your hats and hairpieces as its defiant tone digs deep enough to make your nailbeds bleed with its gut wrenching tribute to the late era of grunge. Like I said…it’s killer.

Buzz Aldrin and the Second Best launch Weighed Down tomorrow night with Peter Bibby, Shit Narnia, Pat Chow at The Odd Fellow. Get a taste.