Shift - Teekai [Single Review]


Words: Alex Hindley

The latest subgenre of hip-hop to surface into popularity comes from the blending of savage lyrical flows with softer melodic hooks and verses. Artists like DrakeTravi$ Scott, and Tory Lanez are arguably leading the new wave and have respectfully built up a cult following for the new musical trend. 

Perth artist Teekai is one of the first locally to explore this genre style with his new song Shift. A melodically compelling, moody effort that balances either side of an aggressive rap verse with gloomily sung vocals, submerged in a river of reverb. The song is an unabashed ode to the vocal styles and flow of Drake and OVO sound, with references to the Six God throughout his accompanying music video.

Whilst Teekai delivers a song of quality in terms of the sound he hails from, it's difficult to pin point a direction lyrically. Mixing a multitude of unrelated themes with a strong flow and catchy, enjoyable melodies makes for a bitter sweet experience. 

Shift is a terrific example of what Perth and Teekai are capabale of within this genre and whilst the song is staying well out of reach of the debate of "it doesn't matter what the words, it's how it sounds" due to the clear motive and personal intent within the track, the lyrical content leaves something to be desired. 

Shift remains a wonderful plunge into the new era of hip-hop and an interesting first major effort from Teekai that boasts passion and talent from the emerging artist and spotlights potential.