Desert Town - The Silent Deeds [EP Review]

Words: Tom Munday

Guided by studio maestro Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe, End of Fashion), The Silent Deeds’ debut EP, Desert Town, is a rich, sultry ode to the Western Australian rock scene. The group, touring and recording across the state, deliver a unique collection of tracks fusing Perth underground vibes with international influences including Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. The EP, followed up by their next tour, is one of this summer’s local gems.

Desert Town’s first single, Rusty Chair, lives up to its early release reception. The track kicks the EP off strongly, establishing the group’s enthusiastic, honest sound. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Corey Ranger’s raw vocals synchronise harmoniously with lead guitarist Clayton Brown’s catchy riffs and solos. Changing tempo throughout, the track combines each member’s talents with precision.

The EP’s second track, Searching, is a much darker, more character-driven track than Rusty Chair. This soft rock ballad rumbles along thanks to Tom Filter’s eclectic drum lines and supporting vocals. Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, the track’s soothing tone and pulsating chords solidify the group’s earthy, alluring style. Ranger melodic, echo-y vocals further accentuate the track’s soulful narrative. 

The compilation’s third track, The Darkness of the Night, delves head on into The Silent Deeds’ darkest, most emotionally charged depths. Fuelled by Adam Quigley’s unrefined, crushing bass lines and Filter’s dynamic beats, the track evenly compliments and separates itself from Rusty Chair and Searching. The group’s tender, heart-breaking lyrics form the balance between love ballad and energetic anthem.

The Silent Deeds saves the best for last with titular track Desert Town. The track strips the group down to its essential elements. This blues-rock number focuses almost entirely on Ranger’s signature vocals and Brown’s acerbic sound. Featuring aspects of the EP’s three preceding tracks, its closing number leans primarily towards story and character. The track takes several dark turns, painting a moody, atmospheric portrait of loss and misery.

The Silent Deeds’ debut EP is a dark but nonetheless energetic and assertive collection of rock tracks, making for easy summer listening and referential local talent.