Grrl Pal – Submarine [Single Review]

Words: Michelle Yeong

In early 2015 electro-pop duo Grrl Pal made a promise, a challenge for themselves, to release a track every month for the duration of the year. And the good news is, it’s a promise that has been kept and completed. With the release of the twelfth and final single, Submarine, the budding Perth duo ended 2015 with a smile on their faces as they accomplished what not many of us can do, and that’s to follow through with a New Year’s resolution.

Bursting with colourful summery hooks, Submarine is a catchy, tropical single that perfectly encapsulates feelings of nostalgia. As a tune that sees Jay LeKat’s crafty signature vocal melodies swim in harmony alongside Danny K’s inventive hook-heavy beats, punters will enjoy Submarine for its bouncy unpredictable melodies that do not feel stale at any point. The synth quietly bubbles at the surface throughout the verses and nicely builds in the chorus and bridge, floating listeners to a state of euphoria. 

Whether you listen to Submarine for the ultimate feels or its summer vibes, it will no doubt leave a lasting impression.