FAT WHITE BOY - Toyotomi Hideyoshi [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindley

Calling out to the new wave of Perth hip-hop comes the youthful in age and mature in voice, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, bringing his new song FAT WHITE BOY with him. 

The song opens with what feels like a dark dream of a hook that registers with the flow of Drake and the production styles of Clams Casino. Baring a warning to those who cross his finesse, Hideyoshi layers rhymes of defense and attack. Lulling over a masterfully tuned 808 melody provided by the incredibly talented and evolving Max Black (fka Sleeves), the song moves with a dark air and suppressed aggression that leans back into the opening hook. 

Out of nowhere FAT WHITE BOY initiates a mammoth transition. The beat switches up dramatically to a heavy trap rhythm and string melody only matched by a new rap flow. A relentless barrage of savage and aggressive bars carry the song away as you're left guessing at when the onslaught will stop.

Hideyoshi explores ideas of disregarding past authority's failure to acknowledge his passions and promises greatness and quality in his musical effortsTaking no prisoners and all pleasures as he maintains a consistent and lengthy flow that remains engaging and brutal till the end.

FAT WHITE BOY closes abruptly. Without fading out or revisiting the hook, acting as a dignified full stop to the banger of a song.

It's hard to find fault with this release for what it is, conceptually it excels. Credit is due to the upcoming rapper Toyotomi Hideyoshi and the skillful Max Black, an excellently orchestrated hip hop piece that rivals many.