90's Kid - Steady [Single Review]

Words: Alex Hindley

Emerging from the sweltering rural town of Northam comes Steady, a rising producer who brings the heat with his infectious future bass beats. Finding himself early success with his track's Stargaze and Triple J played PVRTY. Steady has been consistently delivering gorgeous musical projects and his latest effort, 90's Kid, does not disappoint.

As the song initially breathes vibrantly into play, a poppy drum kit mixed with upbeat chimes and bells takes the lead. Underlain by sweet synthesizer's and topped with snappy percussive elements, the producer provides a quality introduction to the dance anthem.

Directing the flow of the fun into a solid future bass based breakdown that crescendoes with anticipation. Steady's heavenly layered synths breath into focus and swell in bliss as a controlled and sparse drum rhythm provides new structure to the song.

90's Kid develops as a solid dance track that glistens in themes of summer festivities and good times. Rolling wooden percussion help transition from the satisfying breakdown into a false lull, only to build back into the dance rhythms it just escaped from, closing effortlessly with the same tone the song started with.

Steady works extremely well within the dance sub-genre. Clearly honing the types of song structures and ideas that work in his favor. Whilst remaining talented, he does seem to follow a specific pattern with most of his work that whilst enjoyable, does leave a place for innovation. It's early days for the young artist and if his recent work is anything to go by, it's unlikely Steady will disappoint. 

90's Kid is a glorious showcase of Western Australia's constantly growing list of incredible electronic talent and it's only a matter of time before this artist is recognised for his efforts.