How To Tell You're Winning - Skullcave [Single Review]

Single Cover: Skullcave

Single Cover: Skullcave

Words: Jasmine Uitermark-Thaung

How To Tell You're Winning is a step-by-step audio guide recorded by Skullcave. Emerging from the iconic depths of Fat Shan's. Their fuzz filled layers tell us that the year old Perth outfit are indeed WINNING.

Fading in with their distorted doomgaze sound, the simple riff intro alludes to the talent this trio possess. Echoing through your eardrums and propelling you into oblivion before the full sound hits, the guitar hook in this track places you on the back of an almighty mammoth plodding past grunge greats. Vocalist, Liam Young’s droning tones drip with debauchery as the melody carries itself with finesse and heading up the massive breakdown in the bridge, nimble crescendos provide the leeway for the ricocheting heavy instrumental via legend Jay Marriott.

We can’t get enough of How To Tell You’re Winning but luckily we don’t have to worry about a thing because the self-proclaimed ‘stoner rock’ lords are serving up their latest tasty delight of an EP Climbing Friday the 16th of October at Jimmy's Den. With supports from FOAM, The Pissedcolas, Nervequakes and Calsspiritualjourney, patrons are in for a treat.